School PROJECT




    The Client

    Djoser is a travel agency that was founded 35 years ago. They offer special trips to, among other destinations, Egypt and 100 other countries. Now, they want to launch a new travel agency called Djourney, targeting individuals under 35 to keep their business appealing to younger demographics. Djoser’s current target audience is aged 35-55, but they also aim to attract more young people with Djourney, specifically targeting those between 18 and 35 years old. They plan to achieve this by offering affordable group trips for groups of approximately 8 people.


    I have been approached by Djoser to create a new brand identity for the travel agency Djourney. We aim to achieve this by incorporating the company’s three core values: Adventurous, Active, and Social. This brand identity should appeal to younger audiences. Additionally, we are expected to develop various media materials that align with the new brand identity. Our goal is to attract more young people to Djourney. These materials include letterheads, window envelopes, business cards, brochures, and an app.

    Djoser is planning to launch a new travel agency that caters to individuals seeking affordable yet enriching travel experiences in small groups. The message we aim to convey is that even with a limited budget, one can embark on beautiful and extraordinary journeys to various stunning destinations.

    Unilever’s K-Lixer project involved designing packaging, a logo, and a website for their new kombucha. Targeting young adults aged 18 to 35, our goal was to modernize the history of kombucha. The outcome: eye-catching Tetra Pak packaging, a distinctive logo, and a user-friendly WordPress website. Our approach blended illustrations with an emphasis on sustainability and health. The project was completed within 6 weeks.